Who we are

Welcome to N1 Lab! We have developed a cutting-edge transfection reagent that utilizes advanced nanotechnology to enhance gene delivery, achieving unprecedented transfection efficiency levels.

RiboCraft Alpha
  • Simple formulation protocol
  • Fast, controlled, and efficient expression
  • Buffer compatibility
  • Enhanced long-term stability
  • Stable particle size
  • Safe in vitro & in vivo

Product Features

Enhanced Efficiency

Our reagent significantly improves transfectionefficiency, saving researchers time and resources.

Stability and Consistency

With high stability, our reagent consistently delivers reliable results, ensuring reproducibility in experiments.

Low Toxicity

Our reagent has minimal cytotoxicity, reducingthe risk of cell damage and influencing accuratedata interpretation.


Designed with ease of use in mind, our reagentsimplifies the transfection process, enablingresearchers to focus on their experiments.

What is RiboCraft?

Ribo (Ribonucleic Acid)

RNA, a fundamental molecule in biology that plays a crucial role in the coding,decoding,regulation, and expression of genes.


An activity involving technique and expertise in making things perfect. When used in a technological or scientific context, it imply the skillful creation or engineering of something.


Introducing RiboCraft Alpha, an advanced transfection reagent tailored for research applications, currently in its alpha release.

This innovative product stands out in the market, offering superior efficiency and minimal cytotoxicity for in vivo and in vitro experiments yieldin significantly higher mRNA transfection rates. It is compatible with a diverse array of cell types and tissues.

As an alpha version, RiboCraft Alpha represents the forefront of transfection technology, perfect for researchers pushing the boundaries of gene delivery.

N1 Lab’s RiboCraft technology is evolved from the RNA delivery technology developed by N1 Life for therapeutic use. It is designed and produced at the highest standards for efficacy, safety and stability.


mRNA transfectioin in immortalized cell lines


mRNA encapsulation efficiency


>90% cell viability in most tested cell lines

Versatile in Performance

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In laboratory settings, RiboCraft Alpha demonstrates exceptional effectiveness in vitro,outperforming competitors in transfecting various cell cultures with mRNA, leading to remarkably high levels of gene expression and cellular uptake.

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RiboCraft Alpha:No other product on the market achieves the same level of efficient and consistent mRNA delivery in animal models, marking RiboCraft Alpha as a groundbreaking leader in achieving enhanced gene expression with unmatched success.

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RiboCraft Vitro is a robust tool to encapsulate,protect and deliver multi-component RNA mixtures.It has shown superior delivery capability of CRISPR/Cas gene editing system in cellular models when compared to marketed product.

Robust in Application

RiboCraft sets itself apart as a one-of-a-kind transfection reagent, uniquely suited for both in vitro and in vivo mRNA transfection. This dual-function capability is a rare find in the market, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency for researchers exploring the frontiers of genetic manipulation

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MIXDilute mRNA and mix with RiboCraft reagent in aqueous buffer by gentle vortex or pipet mixing

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TREATIncubate cells with mRNA/RiboCraft reagent under standard conditions for 4-6 hours.

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READCharacterize and quantify mRNA expression by fluorescent methods or sequencing